DVANA Workstreem

Business + Process + Automation

We have for you a business process automation system, DVANA Workstreem designed for professional services small and medium sized businesses (SME). The goal is to reduce the work needed to achieve the common tasks or work items a typical back-office admin team performs.

At each stage, we want to make the task easier, quicker, and, perhaps most usefully, easily repeatable. This means, when a task requires doing, DVANA Workstreem makes it quicker, easier, and simpler for others to take over if needed. When a task requires completing, there’s nothing worse, than when the only person who knows the job status is off sick or on holiday.

Document Management

This is perhaps the mainstay of professional services businesses admin teams document management. We all file documents all the time, but as businesses move from all paper to a hybrid paper and electronic system, finally to an all-electronic or digital filing system, the workload goes up along with the tediousness. We all became used to the simple task of moving a file from one folder to another, then renaming it to something useful. This activity is not hard, or particularly difficult. But it does have many steps in which errors occur. These errors, if not identified quickly, lead to lost or missing documents. This, in turn, leads to recrimination and a time-wasting hunt for the file.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that entire process in a few seconds. Just drop the document onto the filing system, choose a couple of items from dropdown lists and filing is then complete.

That is what the document management system within DVANA Workstreem does for you. If you use nothing else, it will save you valuable time, effort, and frustration. This makes the admin team happy, as they have automated an error prone and tedious task, at least as far as makes productivity sense.

Document creation

Documents need creating, regardless of the purpose, they take time. Typically, we create documents in Word either from a previous one, in which we copy and then edited or from a blank sheet or template. The process is the same. Copy an address, fill out the bits that change, then check it through and finally create a PDF to print, send and file. Once again, this process isn’t hard, but is error prone. Everyone who’s done this many times will have experienced the need to edit or re-edit the original document to fix accidental errors, such as missing data, wrong date, etc.

Let’s imagine a situation, where the document almost creates itself. All the user needs to do is tell the document who it should be for and a couple of other pertinent details. Now that would be nice. No re-editing the document, or mistakes and the bane of everyone, accidental deletion of a word or sentence.

It’s said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Welcome to magic.

Such a system exists, we don’t have to imagine it. Zycora, our system AI handles all the difficult parts. It cuts the time taken from tens of minutes per letter to seconds. Unless you’ve seen it in action, you cannot believe how quick, easy, and accurate it is. If you create lots of letters, then contact us today for a demo.


Who hasn’t forgotten where they got to completing a task or forgotten the required steps. We all have our own way of completing tasks. This makes it difficult to know where someone else has progressed and what needs doing next.

This is where your processes and procedures come in handy. Once they’re defined, we can easily automate them with simple to use, but powerful checklists.

It’s all too easy to forget a task, forget how far through we are, but the consequences are profound. Missed opportunities with clients, errors in checking documentation all have dire consequences to the business and possibly to the individual involved if it impacts regulatory compliance. Don’t make mistakes, use checklists to standardise the process or procedure.


When a process or procedure takes a long-time, perhaps days or weeks, it’s all too easy to forget which bit of information is outstanding, who you wrote to, whether they replied. Having work slip by and only noticing when the client calls and asks for progress, isn’t an enviable situation.

Why not outsource the remembering and the bubbling up of tasks to DVANA Workstreem and its artificial intelligence, Zycora. This way, you know the tasks you need to perform today are the ones needed for today. This keeps more jobs in process and ensures they’re all completed as needed.

The benefit here is that you have more tasks in progress, with each continually tracked. Then you can act on only the relevant parts now. Zycora keeps track of the rest, so you don’t need to. Once again, it looks like magic.


Parts of the system all help you maximise the productivity gains of the system, helping with other tasks.


There are, of course, many other parts to the system, but each of these individually is enough to justify the cost of DVANA Workstreem and the productivity benefits are enormous. Simply not having to repeat work is a 20% - 30% productivity improvement. That coupled with the mental health improvements that come with eliminating frustration, make DVANA Workstreem an easy decision.

Next steps

To discuss your specific requirements, to book a demo or to see how DVANA and DVANA Workstreem can help you, please call 0333 006 3800 or contact us now.