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  • How do I license DVANA Workstreem?

    Licensing DVANA Workstreem is as simple as filling out the contact form or giving us a call. When you’re ready and we’ve discussed your path to full utilization, you’ll have a license for as many users as you need. We will work out the payment and all that, to make sure you get the most benefit from the software.

  • How do I learn the system?

    Unlike most software or systems, we don’t just give you the product and walk away. We take make sure you know how to use it, that it is setup correctly for your business and everything is in place to maximize your benefit from the system.

    We do this through a mixture of videos, remote or in person training and by getting to know your business. We’re the experts on this system and don’t expect you to do anything other than run your business. This is what sets us apart from other companies.

  • How do I setup the system?

    The simple answer is that you don’t, we do it for you. Our goal is to improve your productivity. If, you need to go through a long learning cycle to only do something once, how is that productive?

    It isn’t that’s why we do the initial setup and then any ongoing tweaking of the system, that you can do yourself, all with our support.

  • Can I have a private server?

    If you would like your data on a separate server, then we can arrange that. Please be aware, that there are additional costs associated with this option. You can choose anyone of our datacentres to store your data. We always recommend one close to your primary location, for performance reasons.

  • Can I import lots of data from another system?

    The answer is quite complex. It will depend on what the data is and what form it is in. In principle we can bulk import data for you. This is something only we can do, as it must exactly match our internal data system. Please get in touch and discuss this requirement with us.

  • I want to move my data, how do I do this?

    Moving your data from one datacentre to another is something only we can do. If you discuss your needs with us, we can make sure that the transfer of data goes smoothly.

    You might typically want to do this for regulatory reasons, or because you feel you need a private server. Either way, we can facilitate this move for you. Just contact us.

  • Why do I need your help setting up the system?

    No matter how technically competent you are, there is setup that requires us to complete. Your system must be customized. We have the experience and the understanding of what needs doing. This makes us much more efficient and saves you time and therefore money. The automation is simple to use, but must be setup correctly otherwise, the results will not be what you expect.

  • What kind of AI is Zycora?

    There are three main types of artificial intelligence (AI), they are Expert Systems, Machine Learning and Deep Learning or Neural Networks. Zycora is the Expert System type, acting as the system expert to your software system.

    In practice, Zycora also uses a little Machine Learning too, but our goal is to have repeatable consistent results. While taking advantage of all the benefits of powerful systems and software.

    If Zycora does something wrong, then we can fix it. Just to be clear, Zycora is a machine and has no he or she pronouns. Zycora is an it.

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