Pricing Info

Getting DVANA Workstreem working for you

Pricing for DVANA Workstreem is per user, so if you have three users, then your business needs three licenses. One for each user, it’s that simple.

Unlike most systems, we chose to make sure everyone benefits from the complete system. This means there is only one version of the product. You use as little or as much as you choose, all for one low monthly price. There are no gimmicks, no introductory offers that upset the existing clients, simply one low price all the time.

Our next pricing review is in March 2024, so you’re guaranteed these prices until then.

You have two options for purchasing DVANA Workstreem:

  • Annual fixed price contract
  • Monthly rolling contract

Once you have decided that it comes down to how you want to pay. Your options for the annual contract are:

  • One payment annually
  • One payment per month

Obviously if you are on a monthly rolling contract you always pay monthly.

Annual contract

These are your annual contract costs, the lowest cost, but least flexibility.

Annual payment

Monthly: £ 30.00

Annual total: £ 360.00

Monthly payment

Monthly: £ 31.50

Annual total: £ 378.00

Annual payments are typically by invoice. Monthly payments are typically by standing order, and the invoicing is monthly.

Monthly rolling contract

If you want to use the rolling contract, maximum flexibility to add or remove licences.

Annual payment

Monthly: £ 33.60

Annual total: £ 403.20

Monthly payments are typically by standing order, and the invoicing is monthly.

We use monthly and annual billing rather than credit card billing, because those charges directly affect the price, we want you to be as productive as possible and that means controlling your expenditure.

Next steps

To discuss your specific requirements, to book a demo or to see how DVANA and DVANA Workstreem can help you, please call 0333 006 3800 or contact us now.